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Welcome!  As an EMDR therapist, you know EMDR therapy is a powerful way to heal single incident and adult-onset PTSD.  I believe it can be just as powerful for treating Complex/Developmental Trauma.  However, the process is more complicated and requires careful modifications to ensure safety and efficacy.

In Complex/Developmental trauma cases, it can be particularly difficult to determine when a client is ready to begin memory reprocessing - so as to neither err on the side of doing too little preparation so processing goes sideways nor too much preparation and unnecessarily delay the robust symptom relief reprocessing can bring.

In my work as an EMDR Consultant, I noticed that my Consultees - regardless of where they were trained or their level of experience - were often finding themselves stuck because of not fully understanding how to assess for or build in readiness. The Readiness Course for EMDR Clinicians:  A Model & Practicum for How to Begin with Non-Dissociative Complex Trauma Cases was born from that realization and is designed to give you a practical framework for navigating this complexity.

You will find that my presentation is quite human and that this course is full of imperfections (starting with a sound glitch near the end of Module 1 that I've not yet figured out how to remedy!). I have focused my career on developing as a trauma specialist - never having an interest in being a trainer or professional speaker.  Seeing the need in our EMDR community for training on readiness pushed me to create this course.

I imagine we have all had the experience of showing up for a training and finding that either the content was not what we expected or the trainer was personally difficult for us to learn from.  I invite you to take the opportunity to view Module 1 prior to investing in the full Course.  This way you can decide if my style of teaching feels like a good fit for you.

Module 1 is close to an hour long, and I am confident that you will find significant value in it alone!  To get a glimpse of what you may gain from the Course as a whole, I encourage you to scroll down and read the Reviews below from some clinicians who have completed all 9 Modules.  If you would like to learn more about me and my practice, click here.

I am excited for you to join me and for the many clients that will experience the benefit of your efforts to learn these important concepts! 


Susie Morgan, LMFT


Module 1 - Limited Access:  $20
Full Course:  $297
6.5 NBCC Continuing Education Credits +  EMDRIA Credits Available



Susie Morgan presents with such a beautiful balance of strong, gentle, knowledgable, and nurturing qualities. She has pulled together the best of the best (and then some) and presented it in such a cohesive and meaningful way.  

I absolutely love the Course and am confident it will make me a better and more thoughtful therapist. The Course is a must for any therapist wanting to use EMDR in their practice. The videos are priceless!

I wish I could have taken this course in conjunction with basic training or during basic training consultation. Susie covers the readiness/resourcing component of EMDR - particularly how to protect against possible harm to a client with Complex PTSD - in a way basic training did not.

This Course would be beneficial for therapists at any level even those who do not use EMDR. This data so rich, there is something for all therapists.


Kim Forgette, LMFT
EMDR Trained Therapist

Susie has synthesized her years of experience as an EMDR therapist and consultant to provide a highly effective way of preparing clients for EMDR therapy that is organic and straightforward in its presentation, yet incredibly rich in its content. Susie’s warm demeanor and approachable manner is coupled with clear, concise, in-depth instructions and explanations throughout. Drawing on the work of key figures in the field of EMDR Therapy such as Jim Knipe, Dolores Mosquera, April Steele, Laurel Parnell, and Kathy Martin, in addition to her years of experience, Susie guides the participant in important work such as developing resources; working with defenses; identifying important negative and positive memories and the images, cognitions, emotions, and physical sensations associated with them; and using slow bilateral stimulation. Susie has made sure that the course is as universally applicable as possible, while providing safety precautions when appropriate, and emphasizing self-evaluation and self-care.

This course is indispensable for EMDR therapists at all stages of training. For those new to EMDR therapy, it provides them with an understanding of some of its building blocks. For those who have completed the basic EMDR therapy training, it gives them a framework via which to work with clients with complex trauma, who are the majority of clients seeking treatment. For seasoned EMDR clinicians, it allows them to “fill in the gaps,” guiding them through a more fluid, organic approach to preparing clients for trauma processing.

I wish this course had been available when I was going through my basic EMDR training, as it builds awareness and provides information about working with complex trauma that I really needed to know. I’ve incorporated so many of Susie’s approaches and turns of phrase from this training (just this morning I used her words to explain to a client that dissociation means that “the brain has done something sophisticated with trauma”). I am very excited to have this resource!


Ghada Osman, PhD
EMDRIA Certified Therapist

I am a psychiatrist in private practice and have been an EMDR certified therapist for almost 10 years. The main sticking points I have run into are being able to identify and stabilize the dissociative and over accessing aspects of more fragile clients, as well as the armory of defenses that cause under accessing in my high functioning clients. The relevant and practical pieces of information in this course have made a big difference in my ability and confidence to work thru these issues with clients.

I have not gone to all the conferences or taken part in all the advanced supervision that Ms. Morgan had attended. But I get the benefit as she has distilled many of the main points of years of conferences and then has spoon fed the “pearls of wisdom” that we usually come away with.

She has also added some of her own techniques that add depth to the more traditional “resourcing” and target identification I was taught. So, without reservation I highly recommend this course.


Rosemary Wilson, MD
Psychiatrist, EMDRIA Certifed Therapist

I loved how friendly and warm the presentation was with good, simple explanations for difficult concepts. The illustrations, both verbal and literal, really helped make the concepts clear to me and I think it would be for beginning EMDR therapists, as well. I find it so helpful myself to read through this and find new and inventive ways to explain some of these ideas to my own clients.


Kathleen Phelps, LCSW
EMDRIA Certified Therapist

Having completed the course, I have nothing but good things to say. As a therapist still working towards certification in EMDR it is incredibly helpful to see a seasoned clinician explaining this complex work in straight forward, easy to understand language.

Overall this course has helped to solidify my knowledge and helped clarify how to visualize how the brain manages trauma. This would be a good introduction to other therapists thinking of training in EMDR or working towards certification. Excellent work!


Colette Lord, PhD
EMDR Trained Therapist

As an EMDR Certified Therapist, I am very grateful for Susie Morgan's Course.  As a therapist in private practice, I tend to seek out consultation and collaboration, and as such, I have found this course very validating for the work that I am doing with my EMDR clients, and was helpful to spark new ideas and language during the readiness stages of EMDR therapy. 

With my more challenging cases with complex trauma, I have found Susie's tools powerfully beneficial to thoughtfully and safely prepare during the history taking and readiness stages, and even further during reprocessing when clients become stuck.

I love how Susie so skillfully describes all of the various nuances of EMDR therapy while maintaining a compassionate stance; she has provided language that is easy for both clinicians and the general public unfamiliar with EMDR to follow. 

This Readiness Course would be beneficial for newly trained clinicians working on becoming more proficient on their EMDR skills as well as more seasoned clinicians to refer their clients to as an adjunct resource when preparing a client for EMDR therapy.

The accompanying written notes, take home exercises and Susie's visuals in the video are so helpful for any learning style and a bonus cameo by a precious Sophie dog is easily my favorite part. :)


Beth Warren, LCSW
EMDRIA Certified Therapist

Module 1 - Limited Access:  $20
Full Course:  $297
6.5 NBCC Continuing Education Credits + EMDRIA Credits Available

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